2003-01-16 - 9:16 a.m.

On the good side, we've now entered that part of the year when the views are incredible. I drive in to work along a ridge -- Maddy goes to school up there, and then I keep going until I reach town.

Well, that makes it sound better than it is -- it's all town all along the way, but I keep going until the road ends in the town I'm driving to.

Anyway -- after I drop Maddy off, I head down toward the bay, and the view is amazing -- clear clear air, with buildings glittering white in the flats, and the bay itself bright blue, the sky blue, the Golden Gate right there, red, with perhaps a few wisps of cloud around it.

Hard to beat. And the sunsets are amazing, too. Maddy says that when they're outside at sunset, the whole yard glows orange.

On the bad side, it's about 20,000 degrees in the office, and muggy. It's not THAT warm outside -- I don't know.


It's 7 degrees in Michigan. While it would no doubt be gray and overcast there, and the landscape all those winter shades of brown, I wouldn't mind being somewhere wintery for a month or so.

The magnolias are all in full bloom, here, and the other day I saw a plum tree completely blossomed out.


Nora's team had their first basketball game last night. they lost, but it wasn't a total wipe-out -- 30 to 11. The varsity team lost 56 to 3. It seems like it was fun, though. She says she's terrible. She may, in fact, be a little terrible, but the athletic director guy says they're all terrible (he says this in a nice way, to me, when I told him Nora thought she was terrible.) Sounds like she plays defense -- which is what she always plays in soccer. It sounded like it was fun, though -- they came back in several cars and were all laughing, so --

She says the basketball sneakers are comfortable and make her run faster.

So that's good -- We all agree that they are ugly. I think that's the nature of the beast.

Hmmm. What else --

Huge amounts of homework again -- I had to read her the last 50 pages of Cry the Beloved Country. It's not such a bad book, actually. I think I'll go read the beginning. I remember too late the Phalarope kicking around my grandmother's lake cottage for years and years and years, and trying to read it once, but not getting very far.

Maddy's reading these books by Tamora Pierce. Sort of romance novels for the young. In general, she is not a fan of mushiness, so I'm wondering if she'll really like them. All her friends are reading them, though, and the main character is a girl with a horse and a cat, so that right there is a lot to recommend them.

I think that's it. Nora has tomorrow off, so I think I'll come in for a few hours in the morning and then go home. I need to figure out what laptop to buy. Maybe she'd like to come shopping with me.


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