stupid fries

2003-03-17 - 12:21 p.m.

Hey -- one more thing.

Probably a week ago I heard this very funny thing on NPR. They had reported on the "freedom" fries and "freedom" toast at the house? congresional? cafeteria, and someone had sent in a response, which went something like this:

Dear NPR,

I they should call them "stupid" fries and "stupid" toast. And I think they shouold name the second Tuesday in November "stupid" day, when we all get together and elect stupid right-wing politicians to represent us in Congress ....

I though it was hilarious. Partly because it's exactly the sort of thing I would say. partly because, in her raging incohence, it sort of doesn't make sense -- stupid fries might sort of imply that you think the french are stupid.

But mostly because it's so dead on -- here we are on the verge of going to war for no good reason, and what is the congress doing but dicking around with the cafeteria menu?

stupid, indeed.

Bye then.

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