2003-05-07 - 9:27 a.m.


I think I'm feeling sort of sleepy.

I've been wanting to get back out into the yard, but I can't really do that until it stops raining. It does stop raining, but then it starts up again. So the ground is pretty muddy.

Plus, that stump is out there waiting for me. It's a pretty daunting stump.

There's a similar bush waiting to be turned into a stump, too, and then that will have to be removed as well.

Maybe I can do it this weekend, because the sooner I get the second one out, the sooner I can plant another rose bush there.

Plus, I have plans to move the Playboy rose over to where the false jasmine currently is. That shouldn't be so hard to remove, I think.

A woman I work with has about 20 roses in her yard, and they're all interesting ones. After I get the front cleared out, I plan to start on the back. I think I'll leave a small plot for tomatoes and lettuce, and I'll fill the rest with roses.

Plus, I should move the roses in the side yard around to the back, because they tend to hang over the driveway and stick people as they try to get out of their cars.

So --

I'm afraid that's all I really have to talk about.

I'm wearing a skirt today. I decided I couldn't really wear jeans every single day. Part of the problem is that I need new clothes. I don't think I bought anything new last summer, and the stuff I bought the year before is looking pretty tired.

I don't really like to get very dressed up, but it's good to not have that be impossible. Plus, it's good to even have something marginally nice for everyday wear.


Well, I could also tell you about the dust in my house, but I think I will just stop right here.



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