family values of a sort

2003-05-12 - 11:59 a.m.

My god -- it's noon, and I've gotten nothing done at all.

Well, that's not entirely true. I've proofed Nora's science fair write-up, which is not bad at all. I've dealt with some pressing email issues. I've had tea with Barbara, and smelled Lisa's roses.

It was a nice weekend. Kevin is beginning to arrange the basement so that he can move his office down there. He got the router thing working, so the computer can go down there, and he lugged the old cinderblocks out of the woodpile and cleaned them off so he can make a bookshelf. He got a nice grass-type rug at IKEA that looks very nice down there. He painted a remaining wooden thing and put all the outlet plates back on. It looks good.

Sunday I rode my bike to get pastries. I know they were supposed to be delivered to me in bed, but the girls can't drive and Kevin was busy with something, so I went to get them, and actually, it was nice to ride my bike.

Although I found out that the derailleur is broken, so it's stuck in the lowest four or five gears. Which is okay for going uphill, but not quite so grand for going downhill or flat.

I'm coveting a new bike. I'm not sure what I want. My bike is a touring bike, so it has sort of narrow tires, and you have to sit hunched over. It was, in its youth, a great bike for long distance rides, but not so great for in town riding, where you'd probably like to sit up and see. But how are those hybrids for distance? Not that I'm actually going to be doing any distance riding, but I'd like to be able to, especially if I had a new bike.


I think I'll go to the local bike store and ask.

Anyway -- my trip to the bakery was fun. It was mothers' day, and a family -- an adult daughter and her parents, one chinese, one not, were talking outside about someone -- a sister, maybe? -- who just got something out of being pissed off.

"I'm just not going to lister to her talk about family fucking values anymore!" her possible sister said.

I was unlocking my bike, and I was shocked. I certainly wouldn't use that language around my elderly parents! But they chimed in, talking about her "family fucking values," and her need to be "pissed off."


Anyway, then I went home and pruned and contemplated my garden, and Samantha's parents came by to pick her up on the way to the rose garden up in Sebastopol, and I asked them to look for my Cornelia rose, and they found it! And brought it to me! It's tiny, but it will get much bigger. I can hardly belive it!

I think I'll put it under the window, as soon as I get that fucking stump I'm so pissed off about out.


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