Watering can

2003-05-15 - 10:19 a.m.


I'm sort of exhausted. I guess that's because Nora and I were up until midnight last night. She finished the write-up of her science fair project, and then finished mounting it all on the display board. It looked pretty nice. She finished her essay on Zoe of Byzantium. I actually proofed it for her and then fixed all the mistakes. She seems to have real trouble recognizing a sentence. This could be a problem.

Anyway. And Maddy's school's open house was last night, too, so I was there for an hour and a half or so. Maddy was giving spelling tests, which for some reason was a huge hit -- both with little kids and parents. Two of her teachers thought she might like to give spelling tests -- to torture others the way she is tortured on a weekly basis. Which was very clever of them. [That wasn't a sentence, but I know it. See -- there's a difference.]

Anyway -- I'm trying to reassess whether or not we put too much pressure on Nora. Probably we do, and we can't really help some of it. She's the oldest, and thus our experiment child. For instance, the kids at Maddy's school all made instruments. I guess they did a unit on sound, and then decided to make instruments out of junk, and they were truly amazing. Sticks with strings that you could tune, branches with different things hanging that could be hit with a mallet, all manner of drums, a bicycle wheel to spin and hit. Maddy made a lovely stringed instrument from a coffee can and some rubber bands, with a bridge. Anyway -- the kids put on a performance at the end, but Maddy was still correcting spelling tests, so I looked around for her but didn't see her. I know that in the past I would have worried -- you like music, why aren't you playing. She does like music, and I wish she had played. But she was doing something else, and that's okay, too, and I'm sure at other times she has played her instrument in a group setting.

We probably are getting better, but unfortunately, I think we learn on Nora.

I'm afraid those are all my insights for today. I still haven't figured out where to plant my new rose, but I did put it in a bigger pot, so at least it won't die while I'm thinking about it. And -- I got a lovely new watering can. It's green plastic, and that kind of low shape that's easier to fill, and has a removable sprinkler head that works really well.

I love it very much.

Okay -- bye.

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