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2003-07-22 - 10:39 a.m.


I am wearing my new summer skirt, which is blue and green and white and flowery and I do like it.

We are retiling the bathroom, and I get to pick out new tile, which I am very excited about. I'm going to pick out lovely tile, maybe just white, with a nice sort of bumpy trim. Yay!

This morning, I went outside in my bathrobe, and precious little else, to do something -- move the parking tag from one car to the other, I think -- and then I started weeding and pruning a bit, and then a neighbor came by -- a man I don't know, but he seems like a very nice man, and then the creepy neighbor, and then the guy who's going to tile the bathroom.

I felt like I had conducted a whole day's worth of activities while completely undressed.

Also, it was quite foggy this morning, and I am wearing sandals.


The girls had the dreaded sailing lessons today. I wonder how they went. Even worse, today was swim test day.

I sort of don't want to call and find out.

OKay, then.


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