2004-01-13 - 1:08 p.m.

Hey -- here I am again.

This is what I think about the upcoming election.

Well, let me go back. I really liked Clinton, and I think all the people that didn't like him, and then ended up voting for Ralph Nader (I'm talking Democrats, here. Republicans are not my bailywick.) Anyway -- I think all those Ralph Nader voters are a bunch of morons. It is true that Al Gore ran a less than inspirational campaign, and so one can, in a sense, blame him for Bush's eventual "victory," but I don't blame Al Gore. I blame Ralph Nader and all the mindless idiots who voted for him.

But now, it just seems so hopeless. I'm assuming that Bush will win, which absolutely stuns me, but there you have it.

But anyway, given that, I'm voting for Howard Dean. I don't care if he doesn't have a shot in hell -- I'm not voting for one of those hopeless idiots like Gephardt or Kerry or, god forbid, Lieberman. If we're going down in flames, I at least want it to be with someone who has a brain and who can tell the truth.

In fact, I'm almost sort of happy about it -- the fact that it's completely hopeless means that you can actually tell the truth. Bush is a moron and a liar. Our foreign policy is the work of the devil. All those Christians are hypocrits AND stupid to boot and have little beady eyes like pigs.

Well, perhaps I'm getting carried away.

But it's sort of refreshing to have no reason to pretend.

It's also sort of based on gut feelings. (Yes, I'm sure this surprises you.) I hate Bush. I like Clinton. I don't think sleeping with an intern and then lying about it is a capital crime. I like Hillary, and I like Chelsea. I think they're smart enough that I don't think they're victims. I hated Reagan. I hated Bush senior (but not quite as much as I hate Bush junior.) I dislike Lieberman for being so placating. I think Gore was sort of penalized for being smarter than the average guy but not in a political sense. Kerry is hopeless. I sort of like Dean -- he seems smart and not the type to suffer fools gladly. I am tired of fools.

I really like all these moveon adds. I like the one that won, but I almost liked the one that almost won better -- the one that had a bunch of kids talking about what they had learned from this administration -- to lie, to cheat, etc.

Anyway -- I try not to talk to much about politics. I grew up with republicans, and (as I was just reading somewhere) that's not a bad thing. Perfectly decent people can be republicans. (Morons can, too, but that's another story.)

But actually, I think even the republican party used to be far less perfidious than it is, now. Nixon actually had fairly progressive social policies, because it used to not be okay to throw insane people out to sleep in parks with no social backup. Imagine that!

Anyway -- Not sure why I needed to get that off my chest, but now I have done so.


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