2004-02-03 - 11:36 a.m.


Very busy.

Finished baby blanket last night -- I have to wash it, because now it is all lumpy. Apparently, the washing will cure this. I think it will be very nice and toasty.

Nora and Maddy are deep into projects. Isabel from across the street came over on Sunday and made a wristband. She said her mother would think it was wonderful -- that her mother always thought she did such creative things.

That's kind of the way it goes, though. In general, Nora and Maddy are much more willing to do something wierd and out-of-pattern than I am. Maddy is making a scarf for a teacher, and wanted to put the A's logo in in this very complicated way. I was sort of sceptical, but Nora helped her figure it out, and she did it, and it looks great. Nora comes up with new hat patterns all the time.

I have trouble substituting colors!

Funny, huh.

Maddy visited Middle School B yesterday and liked it. Please let them take her.

Nora is doing a homework assignment that says that I work something like 28 hours of unpaid labor at home each week, and do about 80 per cent of the housework. I'm not sure it's completely accurate, but it feels about right --


OKay. Got to go.

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