2004-06-17 - 9:51 a.m.

Ho hum.

It was very nice last night to finally have everyone home and sleeping in their own beds. It will happen again tonight, and then Nora's off to a sleepover party and ...

Anyway, it was nice for a night.

Santa Cruz was quite nice, though.


I'm feeling sort of at loose ends. I think it's the getting used to summer process -- I'm sort of waiting for the next wave of events to come knock me over.

Oh, well, Kevin's parents are coming next weekend, and then my friend Anke and her family, and then we've got to get Nora off to camp.

But on the other hand, those aren't such momentous things.

Although I should definitely clean out the freezer. It's disgusting.

Okay, well, enough of all that.

Oh, word has it that the english at local public high school actually really does suck. This makes me very sad, and I think I'm going to come up with a summer reading list for Nora. It's appalling that there isn't one, actually.


Got to go.


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