2005-02-08 - 9:06 a.m.


Maddy's doing well at riding -- which is nice.

I've been reading romance novels! This is truly awful. But I found out that Mary Bly, who's the daughter of Carol Bly (a short story writer that I really like) and Robert Bly (poet, one of those manly drum-beaters) and who's a professor at the Folger Institute (I think that's right) -- also writes romance novels!

Very odd. And the thing is, they really suck you in.

Also, I think I'm still suffering from sleep deprivation. Plus it's very grey outside. And I have been knitting a sock!

These are my excuses for why I would really just like nothing more than to return to bed and read squooshy novels.

Well you know, it's February, too -- which I have often found to be a trying month. Although I do like Maddy's birthday, and Chinese new year, Valentines day and all the red and pink and chocolate associated with all those things.

Okay. Got to go.


There you have it.

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