2005-02-23 - 9:32 a.m.

Ay carumba!

Nora is home sick, again. Hmmm. She is really sick -- she slept all day yesterday. But why does she keep getting sick?


Maybe she has mono. Or maybe it's just stress.

Anyway --

I don't want her to be sick.

I've just been emailing with the mother of a friend of hers. Said friend has been begging to go to this horrible youth club -- it's named after the street it's on -- and she was emailing around for moral support. It was quite reassuring that we're not the only one in the midst of these travails. Also, I found out that this mysterious boy (who gace Nora roses for valentine's day and also a stuffed cube of tofu -- you know, like a stuffed animal, only it's a cube of tofu. Sort of clever, really) apparently sort of kind of likes Nora.

I guess that should have been obvious, and it kind of was, except that things are so tentative with her -- she's not willing to talk about anything, or put a name on anything. I understand. E., the friend above, is much more verbal and talkative. So it's useful to talk to her mother.


Jonathan Franzen was on the radio last night. I really like him --

Okay. Bye.

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