2005-03-14 - 10:30 a.m.

Oooh. It's cold in here, although I think it's probably warm outside. It's very windy today -- I drove in this morning and as I was looking for a parking place a wild wind came up -- dirt and pieces of leaves were swirling around wildly. It was especially ominous as I drove by people's park, where it looked like they were clearing out the homeless people's crap. A wild wind, and pick-up trucks full of plastic bags and shopping carts and pieces of bicycles ...

Anyway -- here I am. We went skiing again this weekend. We went to Heavenly with Nora's friend E. and her family. It was quite fun, actually -- I like them. They have a girl a year younger than Maddy, and they all kind of get along, athough the year makes a big difference. H. is enough younger than E. that she is clearly the little sister -- doesn't mind being bratty in a little-sister way. Which Maddy -- I think because she's not that much younger, but also just by temperament, would never do.

It was fun, though. We ate at a casino. I guess I'd never really been to south lake tahoe before. An odd but sort of interesting place. I see now that it's the historical center of the place.

And the drive on 50 was nice, too.

It's pretty clearly spring now.

Skiing was fun.

And now I must go --


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