college tour

2005-04-25 - 11:21 a.m.

Sooooo ---

A nice sort od a weekend, although we did not do much. Nora went to a seder on Saturday night, and then got a tour of P1xar, which she thought was the coolest thing ever. I walked to the grocery store on Saturday and then rode my bike to the bakery and a few other errands on Sunday -- quite virtuous, I think. We watched Repo Man on Friday -- it had several memorable lines (ordinary fucking people, I hate 'em) but otherwise wasn't really as good as I'd remembered. I did some laundry and resisted cooking. I read the NYT on Sunday, and this article about taking a college tour was ckind of funny. This is coming up soon enough.

Otherwise, it was kind of sleepy --

I'm getting excited about fixing up the yard -- more so about that perhaps than about the house. Maybe I can just imagine it better.


Oh -- and we saw Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice last night which was pretty good -- although very sad.

Ho hum ho hum.

Got to go --


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