2005-09-15 - 9:50 a.m.

Okay, guys, so Nora has outgrown all her clothes and needed something to wear to the memorial service, so what could we do but drive to Corte Madera and go shopping.

Which we did. We found lots of greens and browns. We found a green sweatshirt dor Nora that makes her look like a reptile or a peruvian blanket farmer, and a yellow (sort of a golden yellow) corduroy skirt that she won't wear because she claims it looks like me, and a tee-shirt, and a tee-shirt for Maddy as a bonus for coming along, and then upstairs we found -- oh, and a nice pair of pants, actually, on sale downstairs -- and upstairs two okay skirts, but sort of peasanty, but not too peasanty. One is brown with cream colored applique stuff on it, and one is brown with red and green flowers, and then a red tee-shirt, and a great green jacket with frills on the back, which sounds weird, and is weird, but in a good way. Maddy found a bright green corduroy jacket that looks great on her. (She's so skinny that jackets in particular look fabulous on her.) And a black hoody sweater with short sleeves -- sounds wierd but looks cute. So success for all.

Then we got shampoo (they gave us tea, thank god) and Nora got two new bras, and the girls got 87 pairs of underpants, because they're "cheaper" that way.

Then we came home, really hungry, and ate an entire frozen vegetable lasagna.

It was exhausting. I'm still tired.

Now I have to get tea, which is complicated by the fact that I have no money.


Hopefully I can find something to wear in my own closet, because I'm not doing that again.

OKay, bye.

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