2006-04-04 - 11:59 a.m.

Well, where did I leave off --

M is reading My Antonia and really liking it, and I'm reading it again with her and really liking it, too. Everyone else in her class hates it, I think. It's an odd story -- on the surface there's not a whole lot there. A lot like some stories by Fontane, who I suppose was writing around the same time.

An old friend of mine from high school wrote today -- she quite her job as an international banker, took a year off, and is now teaching high school economics. It sounds great, actually. Also, her daughter looks exactly as I remember my friend. Very off. And M, my friend, looks like herself only kind of melded with her mother. Ha.

Anyway -- on the house front I've got in touch with the Estonians, who can probably come this week to install our fireplace, "this one." Yay! And the electricians are having fits about how to rewire certain outlets without tearing up the few remaining bits of plaster left.

Got to go --

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