2006-09-07 - 8:59 a.m.

So --

The college counselor was great, actually, and it was a really good idea to go. Essentially it makes the whole thing less worrying. In fact, having her worrying about it means that I don't have to, which is most likely good for everyone.

Now I have to call the appliance man about the oven (its door has fallen apart); the other appliance people about the dryer (it smokes and now doesn't work) and the movers (I guess it's time to reclaim our furniture!). Then I have to go buy towel bars (my nemesis) and shades and curtain rods.

They're painting the kitchen (it looks nice!) and we're going to worry about the fireplace, backsplash and kitchen shelf later.

We're getting close!

Also, the son of an old friend of mine is coming to stay with us for a few weeks -- I'm actually not looking forward to this at all, but it will probably be just fine. (Sigh.)

Also, my mother in law is coming after that, which hopefully will also be fine. I think it will be, actually. Also it will be a test for Christmas -- I really do not want to go anywhere for Christmas, I want them to come here.

Also, my mother has arranged this trip to Italy for herself, me and my two sisters. I have mixed feelings about this. Side A -- who can complain about a trip to Italy? Side B -- what if my sister discusses her health for a week and I have to listen; it's over Halloween! I can't go away for Halloween! -- what will the kids do and who will carve the pumpkins? I hate this; I have a terrible feeling it's with a bunch of old people from her neighborhood; It's a whole week, which is not exactly convenient.

Anyway -- these are my thoughts.

No, really, you're quite welcome!

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