who we like and who we don't like

2006-10-16 - 9:11 a.m.

Lately I've been thinking about people you like and people you don't like and why that is.

For one thing, it's finally hit me that people who write diaries, secret or otherwise, are maybe people whose skin is thinner than the average person's -- people who are perhaps likely to take offense where none was intended. Or rather, people likely to take offense at the behavior of other people who may have offended you without really even being aware that you're there, being offended. Before I offend anyone, let me say that maybe it's just me, and because I'm that way I see that quality in others. Anyway, for me, at least, a diary is a place to, among other things, mull these offenses over. It always makes me feel better to mull them over. Also, in my diary, I am the queen, and I am always right (within reason), and I am a very sympathetic audience.

Relatedly, there are people in my life that I just don't like. I'm not going to say where I run into these people, but they are certainly people that, given the choice, I would not have much to do with. I think I would like them better if I saw them less. I could think about their foibles in a cold and dispassionate way and they wouldn't really bother me. They might even interest me. In a way that they currently don't. I don't like that their foibles have an impact on me.

Relatedly again, N and her friend E have been complaining about the kids in their classes. Last year their classes were more diverse -- meaning that all the kids in their class were not the kids of upper middle class parents who push their kids and expect them to go to Ivy League schools. Apparently now they are. This is so odd to me -- in my high school, the tough classes were the refuge of reasonable people. We weren't popular. We were pretty dorky. Actually, we weren't dorky at all -- we took it all on our own terms. Some of us were dorky and that was okay because we were completely beyond all that high school crap. That's how cool we were. (I am being a little sarcastic, but we definitely saw ourselves as way beyond all that high school crap, and our mascot was a boy who wore terrible pants and bad glasses and was the smartest of us all.) Apparently there are kids in N and E's classes who dress in layers (apparently, that is the height of fashion -- who knew?) and think they are popular, and N and E scorn them. How odd.

Otherwisely, it was a fairly productive weekend, although the sewer pipe backed up. I got a fair number of boxes unpacked, and I put up a bookcase in the kitchen and it actually looks good. I got some boxes out of the living room, which helps, and some out of our bedroom. I am almost ready to face the attic. Ugh.

AND I made resevations for K's family (and us) to stay in two houses up in Yosem1te between Xmas and New Years. I am so excited! Now it is definite that we won't have to go away over Xmas except to drive up to Yosem1te, which is actually something I really want to do. Hooray!

Anyway. That's about it.

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