2006-10-20 - 9:30 a.m.


A friend of ours from college has written a book, and he was out here (he's from Philadelphia) selling it and came by for dinner.

It was good to see him, although also somewhat odd because he's a psychiatrist. Being a psychiatrist is probably somewhat like being a minister, in that people are slightly afraid to talk to you.

Except he's someone I knew when I was 19 --

Also, his publicist came over. She was quite chatty.


Also, I have a million things to do this weekend.
Also, it's red and gold day at the kids' school. They all dressed up. By which I mean, my two and E. We picked her up this morning -- she looked rather spectacular. Sort of like a red and gold Village Person in pajamas. (Okay, she was wearing a yellow kids' construction helmet. What a lunatic!)
I'm making a new sock that's going to be fabulous, I can already tell.
I went up in the attic yesterday looking for M's piano music. I didn't find it, but I found lots of other things -- previous tile samples that are much nicer than the current ones I have; lots of bowls, etc, that I've been missing from the kitchen; flannel sheets. Part of what I hav to do this weekend is to take that stuff down and put other stuff (the Barbie Collection) up.

Okay. Now I must go.


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