day of meetings

2007-09-25 - 9:13 a.m.


I'm feeling completely overstretched.

Meeting with behavioral pediatrician:

  • Will N feel completely weird about this? The doctor is one of those very thin women with gray curly hair, stretchy pants, and horrible shoes -- you know -- those sensible shoes that even a librarian wouldn't wear -- brown, sort of rounded, rubber soles, tie up. I don't even know where you buy them. All brown.
  • On the other hand, her eyes seem kind of sharp, which is relieving.
  • The questionaire we have to fill out is all about toileting problems, though.
  • An aside. Yesterday a professor sent around a note about a watch he had found in the men's toilet. It's unlikely that he found it in the toilet itself. Most people would say "restroom" or "men's room" or something like that. I wonder where he's from. I'm guessing that he's older than me.
  • A rather frustrating discussion, as well. There's no way N is going to discuss with a stranger her problems. The stranger point out that a problem is a problem only if it's interfering with your life. Sure, of course. Women in Afghanistan like to wear burkhas, and they have every right to do so, but I would not choose to be them. N may think it's not interfering in her life to spend her entire life in her room doing homework with mediocre results. I do, though. And I think it's affecting her in all sorts of other ways, too.
  • The next session is with just K and me. That will be easier. I can say what I think. It does affect her, and it causes her to feel stupid, and it causes her to be unhappy. But when the dr is trying to figure out what N thinks, I don't feel like I should be jumping in to give my opinion (hard as it may be to restrain myself).


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