2006-07-11 - 4:58 p.m.

I'm going mad -- N keeps calling me. She's called me twice on my cell phone -- once I was talking to someone and couldn't interrupt, once it was upstairs, and by the time I got there it had stopped. She called once at home, I'm pretty sure, but I was in the shower. She called again at home and asked M where I was, and that was all.

I suppose she's probably all right, but I'd like to speak to her! I can't call her back -- why doesn't she call again right after -- when I'm standing there holding the phone that's just stopped ringing?


And M is in a supremely pissy mood. She knows it, which I suppose is some consolation, but I really can't take much more of it. Everything causes her to burst into tears. Also, she's at camp with her best friend from pre-school. They've always been really really good friends, but I think this year may have done them in. M is too self-conscious to be able to pick it up, and it doesnt' help that next year they'll be in school together, and S will have lots of friends (because she's gone to a public middle school) and M will only have a few. So I suppose she feels like she's asking for something, which is a feeling that she doesn't like.

Or something.

Also, she's got too many things going on this summer, although I'm actually not sure she'd do any better with endless hours of lying around the house. In fact, I think she'd do worse.

Alright -- now it's time to go pick her up.


I think we've got the colors nailed -- so that's good.

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